7-Piece Lip (Labret) Or Monroe Piercing Starter Kit, 14 Or 16 Gauge

  • Material: 316L surgical grade stainless steel
  • Type: captive bead ring
  • -: priced and sold individually

Kit includes:
- sterile needle, 14 or 16 gauge
- needle holder
- small round forceps
- H2Ocean, 1.5 oz cleaning and healing sea salt solution
- captive bead ring
- needle receiving cork
- sterile alcohol swab

Captive bead ring:
- best kind of jewelry for initial piercing
- made of 316L surgical stainless steel
- sterile
- highly polished to eliminate bacteria growth
- 14 or 16 gauge
- 9/16" in diameter for comfort fit
- with 3/16" ball

Gauge (Thickness):
Total Price: $
6 Piece Dermal Anchor Punch Starter Kit
50 Piercing Sterile Needles
2 gauge organic hand carved horn twist taper with abalone and bone inlay
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