14K Gold Curved Barbell With Black Pearl Balls

  • Color: Black Akoya Pearls, Grade AA
  • Type: curved barbell
  • -: priced and sold individually
  • -: Made In USA
  • -: Customization available, contact us.
  • Gem Type: Pearl
  • Threading Type: Externally Threaded
  • Gem Setting: Glue Set
  • Gem Creation: Imitation
  • Gem Shape: Round
  • Gem Color: Multi

Gauge (Thickness):
Length/ball size:
Total Price: $
14K Gold Nipple Ring with Bezel Setting Emerald Gems, 14 Ga
14K Gold belly ring with pink tourmaline 6mm CZ heart
14K Gold internally threaded curved barbell with pink tourmaline gems
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